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For 75 years, Germans have struggled with their self-image. Many feel uncomfortable in their own skin, yet society has carefully trained them not to talk about it - not to ask the kind of questions Germans ask when they are truly German.

We are living in a time of great historical change and more and more people are feeling it. It is important to listen to Germans and for them to be loved for who they really are.  

Germans were created to fulfill a special role in the world. When the Germans are Germans again, the world will be healed.

Love is the only answer.

William Toel

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Please note that, apart from this page, this website is entirely in the German language.


William Toel draws on a unique wealth of experience from activities in prominent military, international business, financial and academic organizations and institutions.

He is respected as a man of mature international perspective. In 2000, he was runner-up for the United States Senate in Arizona.


Because of his academic experience, he has been invited to lecture at the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana), the University of Virginia, the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird), Arizona State University, and Bradley University. He has also lectured at universities throughout the country. He has received excellent and outstanding awards for his teaching, including the Chair's Award for Teaching Excellence in the fall of 2011. His courses are in international business, marketing, economics, and finance. He has taught in bachelor's and master's of business degree programs, as well as honors programs at the University of Illinois and Bradley. (Mr. Toel received his MBA degree from the University of Illinois).

Mr. Toel has served as president and chief executive officer and as a board member in several banking organizations.

In the area of international business, he spent nearly 10 years with a large and highly respected company with operations in 45 countries, CPC International.  He was also the youngest president of what was then the second largest cash grain exchange in the country, the Peoria Board of Trade, and successfully led a diverse council that included major international firms. He served as a consultant to numerous companies.

In the military, William Toel was one of the youngest captains and company commanders to serve in the Army in the Far East during the Vietnam conflict.

William Toel has conducted surveys and extensive interviews as part of his research on the German social, economic, and political model: He is known as an expert in the field. He was invited to the Harvard conference on the "Angst of German Leadership" in February 2012 (see article published after the conference) and was a visiting lecturer at the Free University of Berlin in 2014. He has given numerous interviews, including television commentaries for CBS and the Axel Springer Group in Berlin.

In 2021, Mr. Toel traveled to all 16 states throughout the year and held more than 200 group meetings with over 10,000 attendees. Known for his in-depth insight into the German mindset, Mr. Toel, along with his wife Lisa, published five booklets that were read by more than seven hundred thousand people in less than a year.



William has been married to Lisa since 1989.  She supports his mission full time through writing, traveling and organizing.

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Many of William's interviews and videos can be followed in English.

Links to his Social Media channels are found on the Startseite.

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