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At all costs

The Germans have a fetish about control. They get very uncomfortable when there is something unknown. So, all political classes, the press, NGOs, and etc. zealously and willingly protect this concept. If they have a "vision" or noble cause, this is it. It is supposed to keep their lives on an even keel - "steady as she goes". A protective device to keep risk as far away as possible. No experiments. Tiny improvements in the same direction. Plan thoroughly -- execute perfectly: Each new step lands in prearranged footprints.

It seems to them that catastrophe and bombs, and wild-eyed foreign soldiers, are the natural outcomes of risk - so the obession - so Merkel. If catastrophe is the natural outcome of risk, then stagnated lives lived in mediocrity (or the fantasy of escape from life) are the natural outcome of what Germans call control. They are more than willing to exchange freedom, joy, fulfilled lives, and even love itself for it.

Steady as she goes is paramount and Merkel's counting on it -- just as Hillary did. No real questions will be allowed. Retouched beauty shots will be up everywhere. Stock and boring answers will reinforce the Germans' fatalism.

They are willing to suffer great consequences to cling to the status quo -- even if it means losing the soul of Germany itself.

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