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What do Germans have? (part 2)

Today we are just beginning to see the traits below become part of the conversation -- not personally nor internally accepted, but theoretically and abstractly acknowledged: That there could be something to the fact that Germans are different from others.

These traits are:

Exactness -- continuous improvement to get it right

Law and order and formality -- requirement for a codified system that provides absolute security and stability

Engineering mind -- sense of curiosity, innovation and "was steckt dahinter?", organization logistics. process tools and technology

A love of complexity and abstraction coupled with craftsmanship

Punctuality -- expectations of consistency

Environmental outlook and sustainability -- protection of resources, connection with nature and concern for the future

Pessimism -- worry about things, tendency towards angst, think before you act, get arguments/proofs

Orientation towards consensus as a result of a rigorous process of give and take -- personal restraint, self-effacement and not wanting to stand out.

Language is the one trait that is the grease that makes all others work together in harmony. The German language is beautiful and concise: A unique and perfectly suited voice that allows German methods to be effective.

Some of these traits are uniquely German and others are unique by degrees in comparison to others; observable in the modern German.

Less observable but equally integral are:

Mannerisms -- in a still photo of Northern Europeans there is little difference, yet in movement, gestures and expression the German stands out. The finger pointing upward, the pursing of the lips and the unique re-positioning and body language based on the level of comfort with a stranger. These mannerisms are so inherent that they are evident even in children as young as six.

Courage -- throughout history, when a German is convinced of the rightness of their cause they are not afraid to stand up, sacrifice, or even bleed: They are among the world's most courageous people.

It follows that if you do not acknowledge unique or superior traits within yourself, then belief in a vision, or a mission within that vision, is not plausible: This is the exact situation that exists in Germany today. Still, under the surface, Germany does have a vision and a specific mission that requires the use and sharing of the traits above on the broadest possible scale as peacemakers and bridge-builders world-wide.

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