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Fingerspitzengefühl ...schön Weg

It is indisputable that God raises all leaders. They are raised for a time, and a purpose. In that time they are given certain gifts, beyond their human capabilities, in order to accomplish His purposes. The German concept of Fingerspitzengefühl is one of those gifts. It is said that Abraham Lincoln in the darkest days of the Civil War had this gift to near perfection.

Angela Merkel was also given this gift, and used it well for a period of time to govern and protect the German people. Over the past year this gift has diminished and her actions since then demonstrate the loss of this special insight. Thus, she can no longer function as effectively in the role of Chancellor.

Fingerspitzengefühl allows an individual to sense what is in the heart and mind of those that they are raised to influence. And, to make wise decisions to guide and protect those individuals and their families. It is a necessary asset for leadership. When it is lost there is no precedent for it being regained.

As much as the German people would like to cling to the comfort and steadfastness that Angela Merkel once demonstrated, that is no longer possible.

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