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Fear Nation

Germany lives in fear.

Fear of what others may think.

Fear of change; upsetting the status quo.

Fear of what lurks in the mists of their forests, and their hearts.

Near the end of his life Albert Speer was interviewed by Gitta Sereny and asked why someone of his intellectual capabilities could be involved in Germany's horror. He indicated that it was impossible for a non-German to understand either the effect of real charisma, or the fear of living in a Germany where every word was listened to and controlled: Where you could get in serious trouble - ostracized - for even an inference misunderstood. He was speaking of a Germany then... and a Germany today.

A Fear Nation

Over 80 million of the world's most intelligence people kept off balance for their own good. Each candidate in the current election seems chosen for a complete absence of charisma; moderate intellects prattling on about what does not matter as a substitute for a national time of reflection and debate. The result will be a rearranging of the garden gnomes (CDU/CSU/SPD) in the back yard...not reform at all.

Fear has a consequence: It must hide shrouded in darkness; the light of truth its mortal enemy. That darkness creates a small, dank and claustrophic place. The current political messages seem harmless enough -- yet actually are both deceptive and dangerous. Promises that can't be delivered, leading Germans away from the source of promises that can be kept. "Fake news" from voices with no real hope for power is annoying. "Fake news" originated by those with power, and positions of public trust, is criminal.

The only answer to this "co-conspiracy" between those who want to live in a fairy tale world and poliiticians clinging to power is also the only answer to fear itself: God's love.

But love needs light, and space, and true freedom. This love involves risk, transparency, a full surrender of the deepest heart. It's not there today, and this leads to the greatest tragedy of all. Because of fear, and the control required to assuage that fear, Germans cannot trust and so do not have an actual relationship with Jesus Christ. The vast majority have no hope of life beyond death. The price paid for the "security" of living in this delusion is that they are unable to find the only answer that will work. No matter how sophisticated and arduous the search, peace, rest, and real security will never be found. The only answer is to return to God who is perfect love.

Chancellor Merkel knows of these fears and their consequence, and takes full advantage of them to cling to her own power. She can't help herself. According to renowned historian Paul Johnson, "Adenauer did not think the Germans were a people to be trusted, either collectively or as individuals." She continues that legacy unbroken. Shame on her. The Gestapo, on their best days, were never able to control the minds and speech of ordinary Germans as it is done today.

God wants Germans to know love, to live full-out without fear. He alone can make promises, and keep them.

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