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Bury Him

The decision to not bury the former elected Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, has had the opposite effect intended. Instead of making him forgotten it has made him a world-wide celebrity.

A decision initially taken from fear, debilitating confusion, and under severe foreign pressure. A decision that since has become both unquestionable and counterproductive. The result is that 82 million of the world's most intelligent people are caught in an inevitable trap -- inadvertantly laid -- with no release mechanism. The trap is to simulateously hate and fear a supernatural evil without being able to talk about it, or be able to rid oneself of the inherent implications. Its outcome has caused great harm. Germans, individually and collectively, have neither clear identity nor common vision. Germans live with a sense of indiscriminiate fear, an energy or pressure that is felt but unseen that engenders a spirit of distrust of their neighbors inside, and distrust from their neighbors outside of the country.

This fear now has a life of its own and has become more rigid without discussion. When viewed from outside it appears infantile, especially since it is kept alive daily, not to analyze or learn from, but simply to villify -- a souce of negativity and ensueing pessimism to the detriment of Germany's future.

There is, and has always been, one solution. The French, in a not dissimilar quandary, took their hated and villified monster; who virtually destroyed and terrified most of Europe and Russia, and, after a reasonable period, buried him in the Invalides. A brilliant tactical move that assuaged forgiveness, engendered trust, demonstrated a transparent courage, and released a tormented population from joint misery and memory. They were able to say, "There he lies. There he is. He can do no harm to us there." Let the tourists stand in line for hours; we've finished with it.

The immense effort that it has taken to keep this alive, where everything about this former German Chancellor was evil, and inhuman, has, in reality, done nothing but made him one of the most recognizable and powerful names on the face of the earth.* (Exactly what his desire in life was.)

The solution to fear that hides in darkness is to bring it squarely into the light. Forget the few dozen nutcases who might come to "worship". Bury him in the style of Napolean and charge the millions of curious people world-wide to come and see that a society that couldn't face the truth is now mature: The Germans finally got on with it.

It is the desire of God that Germans once again come to know Him in a deeply personal way. He wants this. That means walking in the light of truth at every turn. Either of the two inherent assumptions; that God was defeated for 13 years by an evil power, or that God did not care are equally debilitating. Other than Christ alone, people get buried--life moves on.

*The simple survey linked here consistently demonstrates that Hitler has the greatest name recognition among all well known names.

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