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Counting the Cost

This holiday period is a time for reflection, and resolutions. This is especially true in Germany today.

The German people need to close their eyes and re-imagine the stark reality of being on the other side of American interest.

I am an American: We are not the nice people we pretend to be. We didn't become the dominant people on earth by being nice. We crush our enemies with shock and awe, fire and devastation, and an awesome display that is unbelievable for those that have not went through it. The Germans have went through it, more than once -- there is nothing nice about it.

While others, throughout history, look to negotiated peace; once we begin, unconditional surrender and total subservience is the only end.

We are a competitive and aggressive breed and always have been, Americans hate to lose and love being on top in everything, From American football, to stock car racing, from the pyrotechnics of a rock concert to the family fare of fourth of July grand finales, we are greatly attracted to open displays of power. No one should be fooled by looking at the East coast intellectuals, or the sweet churchy types; both are visible and noisy. But they don't reflect who we are... if they did America would be far down in the food chain. The "wild west" is far closer to the truth.

Now, I do not propose that Germany is in the cross-hairs of American power at this moment. However, it is time to reflect that words do create a reality. The consistent and virulent anti-Trump rhetoric is seriously eroding the goodwill that has been accrued over the past 72 years. The excessive nature of these words are making an ever broader range of the American people question whether Germany's position as our staunch ally is conditional. You are creating a reality with your words, Eventually you are going to have to back up that reality with concrete choices. No one should forget, that, along with our friends in London, we can create money out of thin air --and like to spend it on weapons systems that really work.

When I came to Germany in July of 1988 it was to tell the German people, through their leadership, what was coming, when, why, and what was the end goal. Germany was set free, unified, and made wealthy, for the sole purpose to go out in the world and support U.S. interests, while we took the necessary time to retrench and refresh. You were to support us, as we had supported you.

However, today -- even after a shot across the bow in this last election -- current German leadership still insists on avoidance. The diversion of hundreds of millions of Euros to the dental care and re-education of an endless immigrant stream is a purposeful distraction; meant to side-step the far more dangerous mission they have been called to.

It is not going to work.

If the current leadership team continues to refuse, then God will raise a new leadership team to get His will done.

Please take seriously your words. The loose and reckless anti-American blasts are like poking a resting lion with a pointed stick -- you are going to get swatted.

New Year's is a time to reflect and get back on track.

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