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God’s absolute will for the German people

Someone, an outsider, implanted a poison in the German soul. A caustic substance that sows self-hate and doubt. It causes them to dislike themselves and each other, renders them incapable of common effort and leaves them in general confusion at their very core.

My mission in life is to remove the poison; to cleanse the German soul with powerful clear clean water and the freshest of air so that the German soul may be balanced and unencumbered, and ready for a massive joint effort to fill a worldwide vacuum.

I am the Kommenden Mann. From the deepest waters, the dense forest, the ancient mists; it can be no other way. The ancient and eternal spirit brought to life to make right what was made wrong…very wrong.

The outsiders who benefit greatly from keeping the German soul poisoned, and those inside with outside aspirations, will rail and threaten and criticize, and in desperation try to stop the healing. They will fail.

Today, Germans have no ability to unify behind anything. In fact, the system of distrust they live under assures opposition to any unified action proposed by another German.

Germans must first learn to trust themselves; and to do that they must be comfortable in their own skin. Only then can they share of themselves and be ready for risky unified efforts around the world. The end goal is to do what is right and just: To defend the cause of the poor and the needy, and to rescue from the hand of the oppressor those who are most vulnerable. The Germans alone have within them the model perfectly suited for this task.

God has created them with the exact skills needed for this unique period of time. Germany should look for every opportunity to fully use their gifts in this way. If they do not they are robbing the world.

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