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America's withdrawal: Germany's point of no return

There is no wish for dialogue; only seething “righteous” hatred.

Mediation is not desired, only the drawing of blood through

well-directed blows.

There’ll be no peace until one side or the other is crushed...

and in shame and humiliation “enlightened” through re-education in exchange for basic sustenance.

For now there is no energy, nor desire to defend others, or engage in foreign struggles.

A family fight …. now overdue.

What we see now in America, described above, was one of five parts—all equally implausible—shared with German leadership in July of 1988. Since that time Germans have had their heads ever more deeply buried in the sand.

America's withdrawal is the part that forces Germany into the light. When asked three months ago in Berlin when this would take place, I said in less than a year, and it would last a decade.

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