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Merkel: no alternative = no trust

If you haven’t figured this out yet, Angela Merkel does not like Germans (as they really are). Matter of fact, the sum of her actions indicates that she actually hates them. When she repeats, over and over, there is no alternative, and insists that every politician toes the line, she is providing absolute proof of her disdain, and distrust, of the people she reigns over.

When history passes its longer judgment, will the 14 plus years of the Merkelzeit will be any less oppressive towards its own citizens than the 12 years and 3 months of the Nazizeit?

The basis behind the apparently radical statement above is in two parts: 1. the Gestapo (except in American movies) was not all that effective in restricting speech or thought--the BBC, and gossip, were very popular. 2. Merkel's government is very effective in ignoring both the Federal and State parliaments, and silencing broad swathes of the population with political correctness and the implicit threat of career "problems" for those who ask too many questions.

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