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The blessing of the virus - a bold new world

Please, please, let's not go back! What every young person in the world has been craving for a decade, we now have: Miraculously given to us since we could not do it on our own.

Above, satellites are seeing an entirely new and pristine earth below them; clear and crisp. On the earth, billions of people are breathing alpine, fresh air, and seeing stars in the sky above them. So, why would we be in a such a hurry to go back to a world that was not sustainable?

As Peter Drucker said: a mad race between industrial bases.

The youth of every nation need to wake up and take control of their future. The goal of a sustainable society can no longer be profit at any cost. A competitive race that must lead to conflict and crisis.

I have taught the previous generation, those now in control; consumed by ambition and the drive to succeed, they will be forever known as the generation who overcrowded Mt. Everest, and left behind their human mess on the most pristine spot on Earth.

The young people today have to recreate this world, while the window of opportunity is open.

We have purposely made them timid; now they need to be bold.

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