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The Dilution of A People

Any society that has both foundation and future—solid ground for sustainability—has at its core both shared values, and shared stories made possible by shared language. In this is the implicit parallel understanding of a shared currency that allows trust and a sense of justice to daily life. In essence, those who speak straight and work hard are assured of a continuation in spite of the inevitable ups and downs inherent in life itself.

Now, if you want, for some reason that seems good to you, to destroy a society, whether to simply eliminate it, or to somehow radically rebuild it, you need to destroy both the meanings inherent in its common words, and the fairness and value of its currency. Words are necessary and precious symbols, unique to mankind, that allow us to define the past in connecting stories, to make sense of the present, and to have hope in a stable and secure future.

There can no longer be any doubt in the focused strategic plan of Angela Merkel and her coterie of worldwide friends: With a near religious zeal they are determined to dilute, destroy, and radically rebuild traditional western societies in an all new—easier to control—world: She has no pro-German policy.

In Germany alone, tens of thousands of words that were necessary to communicate, and had stood the test of time, are now deemed politically incorrect and their use brings shame and even loss of livelihood; not only those tied to the Hitler Zeit. These words had existed for centuries because they were necessary to the richness of communication in the German language. Like the multiple ingredients in a fine French meal they provided both patina and flavor that was essential to the great tradition of German literature and poetry that were themselves part of the shared stories: each a nuanced thought, ingredient.

In similar light, the tying of German currency to the outcomes of specific German actions and decisions (both good and bad) was critical to assuring the just value of the currency each family earned, and saved, and used every day of their lives.

In the process of destroying the tensile strength of old community, the tactics of dilution have been increasingly used. Dilution of everything that was once taken for granted at the core of Germanness. Dilution of the people by many subtle, and always undemocratic, guises. Dilution of the language, to include the addition of thousands of new words that do not tie easily to the past. Dilution of the currency by borrowing, being tied to other borrowing societies, and entering into the dangerous waters of shared borrowing, assuring inflation for the future; thus, harming both the quality of retirement and health for the unsuspecting.

There are hundreds of clever diversions and distractions being daily practiced to ensure that no one can clearly see the methods, or long-term effects, of this dilution. We are even made to believe that it is a necessity—there is no choice—for progress.

All that’s old is always cold;

All that’s strong is always wrong.

I propose to you that this extremely focused and well-organized plan of dilution is neither necessary, nor will it lead to progress. It is the certain elimination of an entire society of people who, if free, nurtures the entire planet by their industrious and creative genius.

Someone will come to bring clarity; hopefully soon.

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