Within 2 yrs the Berlin Wall will fall, the Iron Curtain will disappear, and then the Soviet Union will crumble. Within 25 yrs Germany will be a superpower
MAI 2006
There is a financial train-wreck coming
JUL 2010
Germany must look outside of Europe and be a force for good in the world
10 MÄR, 2015 - The US will retreat and Germany will fill the gap. (Freie Welt)
MÄR 2015 - An unexpected crisis is about to sweep over Germany in only a few months.
OKT 2015
German women are in danger
NOV 2015
The Jewish community in Germany are no longer secure
OKT 2017
German/US interests are now opposed
JUN 2019
This is the lull before the storm
JUL 2019
AKK will not serve as Chancellor
OKT 2020
Inflation will be at least 4% next year
9 NOV 1989 
Fall of the Berlin Wall
DEZ 1991 
Collapse of the Soviet Union
2007-2008 World Financial Crisis
Early 2010's Germany is once more called a superpower 
Immigration crisis begins 
1 JAN 2016 KÖLN
Wide spread attacks on women
13 FEB 2017 Munich Security Conference:
Vacuum left by US in retreat.
Increasing attacks on the Jewish community
JUN 2018 Germany finds itself on the opposite side of US interests
JAN 2020 "It is time for Germany to take a more assertive stance in world affairs." AKK
FEB 2020
AKK dismissed by Merkel as CDU chairman
MAR 2020
Unprecedented panic from the Coronavirus storm shuts down the western world
AUG 2021
German inflation jumps to highest in quarter century - 4%