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December 25, 2017

Take seriously your words.  The loose and reckless anti-American blasts are like poking a resting lion with a pointed stick.

October 22, 2017

Fake news in the hands of those who have no power is only annoying. Fake news in the hands of those who have power is ominou...

October 21, 2017

On the surface, it would appear that very little has changed: But, underneath, something has dramatically and fundamentally...

October 6, 2017

The decision to not bury the former elected Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, has had the opposite effect intended.  Instead of makin...

September 20, 2017

Germany lives in fear. Fear of what others may think. Fear of change; upsetting the status quo. Fear of what lurks in the...

February 25, 2017

It feels good to run.  

To experience new things... important events, first hand.  Last Saturday in Melbourne, Florida, my wif...

February 15, 2017

It is not a good thing to be passionately in love with someone who does not want to be loved. It would be an understatement t...

January 24, 2017

It is indisputable that God raises all leaders.  They are raised for a time, and a purpose.  In that time they are given cert...

January 7, 2017

The Germans have a fetish about control. They get very uncomfortable when there is something unknown. So, all political class...

January 2, 2017

The Trump lesson for Germany is simple: Normal people matter. Normal people who live lives in the smallest apartments and ho...

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Germany was set free, unified and made wealthy for a specific purpose, whose time has now come. Germany is to use its strength to go out into the world as a peacemaker and bridge-builder.  Today Germany robs the world of what it has to give.

A Vision for Germany:
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