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Germany's tragic error: Mistaking the good - for the best

Nearly all of us have heard the proverb that the good is the enemy of the best (or great). Proverbs lose their power through overuse, yet Germany's current condition is an example that proverbs contain important grains of truth..

Throughout history it is human nature to settle for the easier good than to drive through to the more difficult best, and certainly going for the lower rung is not a deadly sin; only an oft tragic error. Someone, or some group. has to pay a price for stopping at a lesser goal. This "falling short" also requires a cover-up. Those who must absorb the cost must not become aware that there was something better: They must believe that mediocrity is the best they could have had.

In Germany today, the leadership has become unconsciously addicted to compromise, conciliation and a fearful application of political correctness to nearly every situation. They have predictably grasped hold of the unexpected immigration crisis to claim what appears to be the moral higher ground. In essence, "Now we have done something that is good and noble for others, thus making up for our history."

The assumption is that this "great event" was somehow sent as a perfect salve for old wounds and also a perfect excuse to waste a decade. This is not what Germany should be consumed with now. The immigration crisis is only a mirage, a diversion to the actual higher calling. Germany is to use its considerable wealth and resources to go out into the world (filling the gaps for a retreating America) to become a peacemaker and bridge-builder in even the most difficult human situations. If the immigration crisis is anything at all, it is simply a practice session for the intended best.

German leadership has known since July of 1988 that there would be a day of reckoning for the great blessing of wealth and prosperity. They have known, or at least sensed, all along that this surprising level of prosperity would come with immense, and often difficult, increased levels of responsibility. That time is now very near.

In this specific case, Germany has illustrated the truth behind the proverb- the good is the enemy of the best. The outcome is that Germany, both the leaders and its citizens, are robbing the world of the immense value of German talents and abilities; and the already-in-place world-wide network to deliver them. This is a tragedy that cannot continue.

If the German people need all new leadership to give them right perspective on the immigration crisis itself (the good) and the courage to drive them on to their far broader intended purpose (the best); then that new leadership will come sooner rather than later.

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