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The Trump Lesson for Germany is Simple…

The Trump lesson for Germany is simple: Normal people matter.

Normal people who live lives in the smallest apartments and homes, grind through days of repetitive work, troublesome families, and bureaucratic tangle in relative obscurity.

Caring for these people is the only security any leader has. This is the middle 93% – not the lower 5% that rejects involvement; or the upper 2% who can’t relate to anything that is not posturing for each other.

These normal people are the backbone of the society – the steel at the center. They have questions: good questions. Concerns that directly relate to their lives and their families’ future. They see things more clearly through a filter of practical common sense.

In October and November of 2015 I met about 1000 of these from every walk of life in my one month walk through their towns.

They knew “Köln” and assaults were coming. They knew welfare fraud would steal their taxes from other uses. They knew that political Islam was in no sense compatible with the Western liberal values they loved. They knew their basic security was at risk.

They saw it coming and shared it with me. No one else would listen to them. They were the German “deplorables” as Hilary Clinton labeled the same human beings in America.

Anyone who wants to lead in Germany needs to make the 93% their first priority. Listening to and protecting these people at all costs, not foreigners – no matter how needy – but these normal people. Those who continue on the path of “know-it-all” smugness and use the press, the police, and their political parties to control will bring about the unthinkable – a right wing government, without coalition in less than three years.

This is your choice. The Trump lesson for Germany…if anyone wants to know.

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