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The political class's reversal of fortune

Do you see the irony?

In December, prior to the Corona panic, the political class had fallen into the lowest grouping when it came to the question, “who do you trust?” Throughout the Western world trust in government had been completely undermined.

Now those same people we had lost all faith in to solve our problems, people who, for good reason, had surrendered their legitimate influence over us, have used the virus panic to seize almost total power over every aspect of our lives.

They did not change or become more competent. They saw their power leaking away and grasped the golden opportunity to not just stem the leak, but to dominate. Overnight they swept away their vulnerability.

The Corona panic was the perfect storm, covering up the results of past incompetence and recklessness, and rewarding them; reloading their political weapons with massive taxpayer dollars to make the power grab permanent.

It is no wonder, as of last Christmas time, we had them rated below used-car salesmen.

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