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Germany & the Trump Phenomenon:
Choosing to Trust

November 13, 2016


A couple of weeks ago, as part of the Honors Program at Bradley University, I gave a talk reflecting on my walk through all five east German states at the height of the immigration crises, discussing what the situation is one year later, and how this was relevant to America.

I spoke about the misrepresentation of the situation in the official sources compared to what was actually happening on the ground in the fall of 2015.  To give a few of many examples; the total number of immigrants was underestimated, the gender makeup was distorted, and the ethnicity of the refugees was misreported.  At that time if you asked an authority figure you were told they were Syrians fleeing from Russian aggression, but what I found in talking to immigrants (with an interpreter) the actual figure was only about 30%.  Press manipulation was also common: I personally witnessed three incidents.  In one at a major rally I attended, I saw a member of the press fall down right in front of me for no reason other than it was part of a script.  His cameraman got over the top of him and shook the camera – this was live on national news and later went viral.  When he got up he claimed he had been beaten over the head by right-wing extremists.  I was there and there was no one who touched him.  (I think you call this a schwalbe in football).  In October and November of 2015 it was all fake – a giant national deception.

I said in my talk at Bradley that after visiting Germany frequently for over 20 years the immigration crisis had brought major change to the country.  The peace and laughter that had characterized Germany for Americans -- and made it a major tourist center for all -- had turned into visible caution and a sense of undefined fear: This was illustrated by the presence of guards at some public pools, playgrounds, and schools, and even a cemetery. The carefree German is no more.

We too in America have had a one-sided press; we too have used political correctness to discourage debate, and ignore legitimate concerns.  We too have used spin to influence, and not knowledge to educate our citizens.

I ended my talk by proposing that we, in the U.S., were experiencing the same simmering undercurrent that comes when normal people in normal houses cannot get answers to their questions and common sense is not prevalent.  When fairness and justice, and balanced truth are absent, dramatic social upheaval is the natural result; i.e. Donald Trump.

This same undercurrent, though deeply repressed in the German heart, still exists; a powerful underground river, full of energy and vitality; something that is very real even though we may not see it.  It is a form of truth; and truth always bubbles to the surface in the end.

Earlier this year I publicly stated that Germany will have a right-wing government within three years, and without coalition.  It will not be the current AfD.  They still have far too much of the feminine personality of Lucke.

Nearly all educated people have attributed Trump’s election as a negative aberration in the inevitable continuation of the enlightenment project, including the associated globalization agenda.  I propose to you that this is not an aberration, but a divergent manifestation of God’s unchangeable plan; one that is irrevocably opposed to many of the ideologies of the liberal agenda.

The establishment in Germany today (and this was clearly illustrated during the year 2016) exists to keep the simmering undercurrent of the feelings of its average citizens out of sight and tightly under control: This goal drives all actions.  Though the cause appears noble – to block Hitler and his ilk from returning – the methods used are counterproductive.  The result is that anyone who opposes Merkel, and the government’s politically correct agenda, is considered an alien in their own land and treated as such.  There are no means -- to include lies, deceptions, press and speech control, ballot access manipulation – no means of any kind, that are not considered legitimate to the end of crushing the true right that might serve as a path for a Hitler to emerge.  The government quickly uses the label “hate crimes” as one tool to silence opposition; is their method not also a form of hate crime committed against Germans?

The Trump victory reminds us that a country is not the elites of the establishment, but is irrevocably linked to the deep eternal feelings that exist in the hearts of the people.  The elites’ varied attempts to regulate, silence, deny, or legislate these feelings goes beyond behavioral control.  Since the elites’ collective mentality has virtually eliminated these “uncontrollables” in themselves, their attempts to effectively control them in others is remote – and thus futile.   Politically correct pressures can, on the surface, make people say what you want them to say; yet, increases the reservoir of resentment which feeds frustrations that reawaken and energize the undercurrent of feelings. 

The establishment is inadvertently accelerating the right-wing movement in Germany by refusing to listen to, vilifying, and using coarse labelling of German citizens – with very legitimate concerns.  Isolating, ostracizing, and repressing these citizens and their questions only intensifies the simmering silence.  Trump is the outcome in America; a name who is now unknown will be the outcome in Germany.

God raises to leadership anyone He chooses.  He does not consider the considerable flaws of the individual – all of us fall short.  His eyes search the earth to find someone with courage and a heart, who will bring people back to Him and His ways.  God’s ways are truth, trust and transparency.

This is exactly what He is looking for in Germany; someone who represents the underlying and unchanging ideals that He Himself created: Universally held ideals that God has made unique in the German character.  The modern pseudo-German looks in the mirror and doesn’t like what he sees, nor does he respect what he sees in other Germans.  God is sending you an option.  Choose well and you will like and respect all that is good in yourself.  This is God’s gift. 

As long as Germany continues on its current path, disenfranchising its own people, it will bring about what it most fears.  Taking the courage to face the truth; discarding the use of fear and control; Germany will gain the very hope and future that God intends.


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