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Thanks to the hundreds of courageous Germans who are getting weary of being told what they can watch, what they can think, what they can say; the video done with Uta Ogilvie and Michael Werner in Germany is now back up in many places, and people are watching it by the thousands each day. once again.

We don't know most of these brave people. I hope someday in the near future we will have the honor of meeting, and thanking each one in person.

William Toel

YouTube has deleted my video interview, recently done in Germany with Uta Ogilvie and Michael Werner.

In less than two days there were more than 12,000 views. Well over 1300 thumbs up and 20 down. Obviously we touched a nerve.

Here's a representative comment:

"I am very touched about your interview Perfect Storm. I have never heard such correct words about the Germans. Tears came at times. It´s very touching if an American understands the German soul."

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